Sunday, November 28, 2021

Why am I doing this - writing about investing

The purpose of writing, sharing and producing content about investing is because I see this as THE ticket to financial freedom. And I believe there is an abundance of wealth enough for everyone in this world; investing is not a zero sum game - everyone can win at this game! It is also not an esoteric game which only a select few can play and win; anyone and everyone with internet access has an equal opportunity to make his/her gains in the stock market. So, I believe this is worth sharing with the world, and this is how I would like to leave a mark on the world and leave it better than I found it. 

What is financial freedom? My belief is financial freedom is being able to do whatever you want in life without worrying about your finances; you should be able to work because it excites you by giving you a sense of purpose and that you are making a difference in the world or in other people's life, preferably in a positive way! My belief is you shouldn't work just because you need a paycheck and because of that paycheck, may end up compromising your values and relationships. 

The phrase money isn't everything but it is alot of things is certainly true, and we should always bear in mind to achieve power and control over money, and not the other way round.

For me, investing is really about making calculated bets now and reaping the benefits in the future. As long as you have time, the right mindset and the right framework, you can go far and deep - don't be fooled by the get rich quick methods ; nothing is free in life and this is also true for investing, you need to put in the effort to learn how to invest (or if you don't want to, you put in your money with a fund manager) and over here, I shall attempt to give you what I have in my toolbox, skill set, and mind set. ✌️

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